Cop Fired After Over ‘Inappropriate Contact’ With Teenage Girl Is Your First #WTFlorida Moment Of 2016

A shitbag officer from Palm Bay, Florida has been fired after an investigation determined he had ‘inappropriate contact’ with a teenage girl during her court-ordered home detention. The officer is 38-year-old Terrance Glover of the Palm Bay PD, and he has been fired after a preponderance of evidence indicated that Officer Glover was creeping on the girl, asking her inappropriate questions about her underwear as well as groping the teenager. Prosecutors in this case have declined to pursue charges but this case is long from over, as it’s still unclear whether or not creepy-as-fuck Officer Glover will appeal his firing. reports:

Earlier this month, Police Chief Mark Renkens notified Glover that he was being fired for violating rules of conduct and issues of public trust following an investigation into the teen’s claims several months ago.
“It has been determined that by committing these violations that you have raised obvious questions as to your ability to maintain public trust,” Renkins told Glover in a letter issued Dec. 17. An internal affairs investigation was also conducted into the allegations.

Glover, who is married and whose family has law enforcement ties, was hired by the agency in 2007 after working with the Cocoa Police Department and that agency’s SWAT team. He worked as a patrol officer and like other officers, would occasionally check on teen offenders and other youth under juvenile court sanctions such as home detention.
Renkens said the investigation showed that the teen had a “well-founded” fear of Officer Glover to the point that she was even afraid to open her door when other officers arrived to follow up on other criminal investigative matters.
The girl told investigators that Glover called her “Cutie,” and would ask her what color her undergarments were.

This person who was tasked with upholding the law (and I might add ‘paid handsomely’ for that task) as well as protecting the rights of citizens was going into a girl’s home, creeping on her, knowing that she was on house arrest and couldn’t leave the confines of the house…What in the actual fuck, man? This makes me incredibly sad to know that I share a state with this shitbag. Just knowing that this guy was given a badge and a gun is too much….For the life of me I cannot understand why prosecutors wouldn’t pursue charges in this case, but then again I’m not a prosecutor and obviously I don’t have all of the evidence in front of me. Anyways, for more on this story you can follow the link on over to

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