Bro Cop Nearly Brings Homeless Man To Tears After Handing Him A Brand New Pair Of Shoes And Socks (VIDEO)

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Earlier this morning, I posted about a prick McDonald’s employee punking a homeless man by baiting him in with a free sandwich, and utterly ruining his day. My immediate reaction was to Google “When will it be possible for humans to colonize Mars?” because the mere fact that I breathe the same air as this fuckhead is enough for me to watch to launch myself into space.

But this story about a New Mexico bro cop going out of his way to make the life of a homeless man less difficult has momentarily grounded me. The Earth is back in balance for the time being.

According to the Mirror,

A caring police officer has won praise after showing an incredible act of kindness to a homeless man living on a roadside.

Police were called when motorists spotted the elderly gentleman with a backpack lying on plastic sheeting at a dusty roadside .

The officer from New Mexico’s Los Lunas Police Department approached the man to ask him if he was okay.

When officer Mark Gurule arrived and talked with the man – his lapel camera recording the whole episode – he discovered the his feet were soaking and that he was drying his socks on some nearby rocks.

Gurule spotted a Big 5 Sporting Goods store nearby and decided to reach into his own pocket and pick up a new pair of shoes and socks for the man. He went a bit further and handed the man a $20 bill.

Said the officer:

“The most rewarding feeling was when the man put on his socks and shoes and he gave me a thumb ups with a big smile on his face.”

Check out the video below to make your Sunday a little better. Treat everyone with dignity, bros.

[h/t Mirror]


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