Cop Goes Full Fists Of Fury On The Face Of An Ole Miss Student Who Asked Him To Chill

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There are a lot of different ways you can react to someone telling you to chill.

You can heed their advice, take a deep breath and unwind.

You can dismiss their words, and continue to not be chill.

Or, if you are an off-duty cop working a field party at Ole Miss, when a dude taps you on the shoulder and says ‘hey, chill,’ you can tackle him to the ground and then unleash a fury of punches into his face.

The choice is yours.

The above video comes from our blog friends at Total Frat Move, and it shows quite the take down.

Here’s another angle.

According to WREG, Anthony Cantu was arrested for head butting a security guard at the party and breaking his nose, but it is unclear if or when the head butt occurred.

[Via TFM]