Cops Pull Over Random Drivers For No Valid Reason At All Except To Give Them Christmas Presents


Here’s a police story that the national media will not cover. On Christmas Eve, NYPD cops pulled over random drivers in the Bronx, but instead of giving them tickets, they gave them Christmas presents.

Neighborhood Coordination Officers Salley and Colon of the 47 Precinct filled their police cruiser full of toys like it was Santa’s sleigh, then patrolled the streets. When they saw vehicles that had children in them the police officers turned on the lights and sirens and pulled them over.

The officer informs the motorists that they pulled them over “driving with a kid on Christmas Eve and not getting a gift.” A horrible crime, punishable by getting free toys from the police.

“We just wanted to make some people smile, see if we can brighten their day,” said Officer Salley. “This means a lot to me to be able to do that, since I grew up in this neighborhood.”

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with their families.