Vexed Customer Complains To Police After Paying For 30 Minutes Of Sex With Prostitute And Only Getting 10

Nobody wants to get ripped off. You work hard for your money and you don’t want some scam artist to rob you. So when this man was not rendered the services he paid for, he took his grievance to the local police. Unfortunately, his complaint centered around illegally paying for a prostitute.

The unsatisfied man called the north Manchester police in the U.K. to inform them that he had been swindled by a sex worker. The John told authorities that he had paid for 30 minutes with the prostitute, but she had only provided 10 minutes. Surprised that he didn’t file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The man called GMP Newton Heath, which describes themselves as “Your neighbourhood officer for Ancoats, Clayton, Miles Platting and Newton Heath.” They tweeted about the bizarre encounter:


Tough break mister. I’d say the age old idiom, “The customer is always right,” but you’re fucking hookers so I don’t think that applies in this circumstance.

Maybe you shouldn’t have been so eager and squeezed off a cockshot after only 10 minutes. Maybe have sex for nine minutes, stop, then discuss the pros and cons of the Iranian nuclear deal for 11-minutes, then start fucking for the last 10-minutes. At least this way you’ll get to blow a load and have some stimulating discourse.