Dad Scars Daughter For Life By Accidentally Sending Racy Pic Meant For His Wife To All His Contacts

dad dick pic daughter snapchat


A poor girl named Robyn Millen wanted “to die” after her dad inadvertently sent a racy Snapchat picture meant for her mom to his entire contacts list.

The photo showing her dad in the bath tub with nothing but some emojis covering his junk was sent to his ‘Snapchat Story’ meaning everyone, including her, got a really good look.

Someone needs a lesson in how Snapchat works.

Robyn was, of course, horrified.

“Dad, your Snapchat was so inappropriate,” wrote Millen.

“Sorry, thought I only sent it to mum!! Lol. Xx,” her dad replied. “Don’t know how it works.”

No kidding, pops.

Her dad, who obviously has an awesome sense of humor later responded, “so fucking what. Nothing to see apart from my legs and those emoji things.”

And to those people who think she faked the whole thing, Robyn had this to say…

Let this be lesson #4,428 in why your parents should never be allowed to use Snapchat.

H/T Telegraph; Woman hiding her face image by Shutterstock

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