Dan Rather Interviewed The Fat Jew And Asked If His Comments About Plagiarism Were A ‘Blizzard Of Bullshit’

“I’m not necessarily a comedian, I’m a curator” – actual quote from The Fat Jew to Dan Rather

At his core, The Fat Jew is not a big fan of plagiarism. Are you surprised to hear that? Let me clarify. He’s isn’t a fan of plagiarism, but not in the sense that he hates people who plagiarize, but in the sense that he doesn’t think plagiarism really exists. To him, the Internet is the Internet and people just do as they please and no one owns anything and that’s the end of it.

When he told that to Dan Rather — how did his legendary ass get stuck interviewing The Fat Jew? — Rather asked him if he actually believed all the nonsense that he just spewed or if everything he said was a “blizzard of bullshit.” TFJ stuck to his guns, saying, “Not every tiny piece of thing…not every tiny word that gets shared is so precious. It’s not…It’s not that type of world anymore. It’s just not…” YOU GOT THAT, DAN? THIS ISN’T YOUR DADDY’S AMERICA ANYMORE, YOU OLD BAG OF DUST!

According to Rather’s article on Mashable, Rather thinks The Fat Jew doesn’t deserve the backlash he’s been getting, and that maybe, just maybe, we should be more kind to him.

Over the course of our nearly hour-long discussion, Ostrovsky struck me as fundamentally a good guy. He is smart. He is genuine. I don’t believe he intentionally set out to hurt anyone, though I recognize that’s no excuse.

But under these circumstances, it’s worth reminding ourselves about the value of really listening to someone’s apology, trusting in earnestness (in general) and actually forgiving.

You’re getting soft, Rather.

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