Bros, Dinner And A Movie Isn’t Enough. Here Are Some Better Date Ideas That’ll Get You Laid

by 5 years ago


I hate to side with the ladies on this, but it’s time for us as men to step up our game. The “dinner and a movie” trick is old hat and fun for no one. First off, movies are too expensive. Two tickets and a large popcorn (because what kind of pussy gets the small, the name of the game is sharing with that hot blonde on your arm) can total up to nearly $40, and you still have to buy the girl dinner. Then you get in the theater and have to fight for her attention, which is directed at Channing Tatum on screen, because you know she dragged you to the new Nicholas Sparks movie he’s in. But never fear, men of the world. There’s a way to make dating actually fun, and the better you are outside of the bedroom, the more likely you will be able to get her into the bedroom.

 1. Try Something Active

Sure, everyone loves to plant themselves in a seat and eat. It’s our default human mode as males. However, there is nothing better than a woman who loves to do things. No, not just the things you were thinking of right now, gutter brain. Someone who wants to be active. A hike is a perfect date spot. You get to spend time with one another, horse around, get in that daily bit of exercise and actually have fun. Isn’t that better than going to a Katherine Heigl movie and that same restaurant by the theater you take every girl to? The waitresses are probably laughing at you and your parade of girls as we speak.

2. Conquer a Fear
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You know what she’ll remember? Climbing a mountain. Now hold on, I’m not assuming every girl has read Wild and wants a piece of the thrill seeker life. I’m talking about 40 feet. Maybe go down to a local watering hole and cliff dive. She’s going to resist at first, but if she throws caution into the wind, she will always remember that day. Plus, who wants a girl who isn’t adventurous. It’s one of the best qualities a person can have. Scuba diving, surfing, anything that’s new and exciting is something that will be remembered for a long time and lead to an epic night. Remember, if you are serious about a girl, you want to make sure she is going to challenge you and want to do cool stuff with you. Consider this a litmus test for whether she’s someone to keep around.

3. Take her out to the ballgame
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The key of a date is to reveal something about yourself. Besides what type of movies or pasta you like, there isn’t much to the standard date that reveals a lot about a person. Who doesn’t love baseball? Frankly, a lot of people. You can substitute any different type of sport. I hate to admit this on BroBible of all places, but I’m not much of a sports watcher, yet I love going to the cheap seats of any sporting event and having a great time. Why? Because it’s always a party. Talk her into a day at the stadium and don’t get too wrapped into it. Chances are, you’ll have a great day regardless of how everything works out.

4. Invite Her Home, Right Off the Bat
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This one’s more of a second, third or later date suggestion, and you both really really really want to “watch” a movie. Don’t take her out to the theater with the huddled, texting teenage masses. Rent a classic (or Netflix it since we’re in 2014), cook a good meal and perhaps skip the movie and fool around. They always say you learn a lot about a person by where and how they live. This way, you two can have a wealth of conversations and really get to know each other rather than stare blankly at a screen in a dark room. Plus, you aren’t in public so anything goes. Who would ever say no to a sweat pants date? You aren’t 20 years married yet, so this idea could actually be cute to her. Hell, at least it’s different. At the end of the day, that’s the name of the game.