Depressed About The State Of The World Right Now? Throw Some Headphones On And Watch This…

by 4 years ago

The world can be a pretty shitty place. All you have to do is take a stroll through your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline to see just how grim things are — people are angry for no particular reason. Everyone seems to have lost their sense of civility and sense of human decency. Both places are just shouting matches for attention.

Of course, this is just an observation. It’s not an absolute truth. The absolute truth is that humans are complex animals with a wide range of emotions. There’s still plenty of happiness and joy and positivity in the world, we just don’t do a great job of showing it on a day-to-day basis.

Gary Vaynerchuk hits the nail on the head in this motivation blurb from his Facebook. “Everyone has stuff. Once you understand that no one cares and that you’re complaining to empty air, you start going in a different direction.”

Boom. The negative state of the world isn’t going to change if your outlook doesn’t change. Embrace solutions, not excuses.

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