This Brave Hero Is Eating Chipotle Every Day For A Year, And He’s Doing It To Prove That Diets Are Lies

I haven’t eaten Chipotle since before their string of E. Coli outbreaks nationwide, but the reason that I haven’t eaten Chipotle has nothing to do with that. In fact, I’d welcome the colon cleansing effects of contracting E. Coli because between you and me I could stand do lose a quick few pounds the easy way…and this is the EXACT OPPOSITE reason of why Devin Cunningham is eating Chipotle for 366 days in a row, every day for a year (+1 day).

You see, Devin Cunningham’s fed up with all the crash/fad diet bullshit and he’s out to prove that you can both eat Chipotle AND see gains, just as long as you do everything in moderation and balance it with a quality fitness regiment.

via Mark Shrayber at UPROXX:

Devin Cunningham is on a mission, and it’s not to prove that eating Chipotle will kill you. Instead, he’s doing it for the gains. According to Fox 13, Cunningham is eating Chipotle for 366 straight days to prove to America that eating at Chipotle can make you happy and healthy and help you lose all that weight you’ve been trying to get off since Christmas (looking back, those holiday cookies were really a turning point, weren’t they?).

In an interview with Q13 FOX Cunningham spoke about what he’s actually eating at Chipotle and what his goals are here:

First, Cunningham wanted to bulk up, so he would order as much as possible: double meat, guacamole, rice, beans and all the salsas. He was able to gain 16 pounds to 172.
His next challenge? Cut!
He switched to one burrito bowl a day for this part of the challenge, eating measured portions of a chicken or steak bowl. He has Chipotle package a few things, like rice/beans and cheese, separately so that he can do some of his own portion control. He also gets fajita vegetables, lettuce, pico and corn salsa.
Now, he’s dropped down to 146 pounds.
You’re probably now thinking that Cunningham is completely tired of eating Chipotle.
But he says, nope.
“They have enough variety that I am able to switch up my meals enough to not get sick of it.”

He’s just one bro on a mission to see some gains AND prove a point. This is the type of attitude and mission that I can rally behind, a mission to prove that the bullshit we see every day on the Internet is complete and utter bullshit. AND he’s getting healthier while doing this.

Shockingly this isn’t how he feels every day:

I just hope he’s able to stick with his fitness regiment and doesn’t come down with a crazy sickness that derails all of his progress, because this will be one hell of a story when he’s done.

You can track his latest progress HERE on Facebook.

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(h/t UPROXX via q13FOX)

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