Bro Builds ‘Rock Crawler’ In His Garage, Has The Sickest Off-Roading Vehicle Ever (DIY Project)

This is one of those incredible DIY projects where I see it and think ‘I really have less talent than a 4th grader when it comes to building things in my garage.’ It’s not that I’m incapable of building anything at all, in fact just yesterday I built this bar for our BroBible Cinco de Mayo fiesta, but I can just look at this bro’s ‘Rock Crawler DIY Project’ and know that I’d never be able to start on that and see it through to completion.

For starters I don’t have a garage (I live in an NYC apartment, and it takes me over an hour to travel uptown to my car), in addition to the the lack of garage I also don’t have the requisite tools for a project like this. What I have though is a healthy desire to own a rock crawler myself, because this thing’s the most badass off-roading vehicle I’ve ever seen, and I’d love nothing more than to unleash that rock crawler on the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY. Prepare to be seriously impressed by this bro’s DIY Rock Crawler project. It’s not just the swapping of some tires and lifting of the truck, this is a truly impressive overhaul of a ’96 Toyota Land Cruiser:

How to Build a Rock Crawler


Tell me you flipped through all 48 slides and you don’t immediately want to drop everything and go build something awesome?

I wish I could’ve included the images here direct, but since they’re not mine and I don’t have permission I had to embed the Imgur gallery. Apologies to you bros who hate clicking through a bunch of slides….

[Reddit via Imgur]

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