A Dog Crashed A Truck Into A Pool At 50 MPH Because Dogs Can’t Drive, Silly

dog crashes truck pool


Caroline, a sweet black Labrador, is being blamed for an accident in which her owners’ truck was sent racing at speeds up to 50 mile per hour ending up lodged in someone’s swimming pool.

Here’s what happened…

Michael and Ruth Smith decided to take Caroline along for a ride in their 1988 Dodge Ram as they headed out to the store to pick up some groceries. Makes sense, who wouldn’t want to bring Caroline along for a ride? She’s so sweet!!! Unfortunately as they were driving through the parking lot of the IGA something caused Caroline to become frightened.

“When she gets scared she will go down on the floorboard of the truck,” tells Michel Smith.

One problem though. Caroline, who weighs 90 pounds, landed firmly on Ruth’s foot which was on the gas pedal. Next thing you know they’re really flying while Michael struggled to pull Caroline off the floor.

“Before I could we were wide open,” he said. “We were probably going 50 to 55 miles per hour.”

Ruth Smith said she knew she had to keep the truck straight and aimed for a wooden fence.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” she said.

The truck plowed through the fence and splashed into a backyard pool.

“We hit the water and I’m going ‘where in the name of God is this water coming from,'” Michael Smith said.

dog crashes truck into pool


The pool owner happened to see the crash and told his wife who, as wives often do, didn’t believe him, saying, “What are you doing, smoking or something?”

Luckily, everyone including Caroline survived the accident unscathed, but for a few scratches.


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