Dog Who Photobombed The Hell Out Of His Owner’s Engagement Photos Is The Real Bro

by 4 years ago

I recently said that my favorite part of weddings is when the engagement photos come out and you can scroll through them and pick out the ones of your boy looking like an idiot, then send them in a group text to all your bros so everyone can have a good laugh.

Has happened to every buddy of mine who has gotten married. They’ve all been roasted for their doofus-looking engagement photos.

But Louie the Dog is a real Bro, and wouldn’t let that happen to his dude Chris. Instead, he stole the show when Chris and his fiancée Megan did a shoot, saving his owner from any pressure.

Look at Louie ham it up.


DNK Photography


DNK Photography

Here he is more normal.


DNK Photography

Chris and Megan, like any good dog owners, loved it.

As did we all.

[Via Valley News Live]

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