Watch This Dog Get Pulled From Deadly Colombian Mudslide And Brought Back To Life With CPR

by 4 years ago
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Dozens of rescuers supported by Black Hawk helicopters are still searching for bodies in the aftermath of a massive flooding and mudslide in a small Colombian town of Salgar that claimed the lives of at least 80 people. The mudslide was caused by heavy rains that carried away many homes, people, and even bridges.

The country’s rugged topography in a seismically active area combined with the country’s antiquated construction practices, make Colombia one of Latin-America’s most disaster-prone countries. According to the Guardian,  upwards of 150 disasters have struck the country over the past 40 years, claiming more than 32,000 lives.

But there is one silver lining in the disaster: saving a pooch from the raging rivers. The dog was reportedly brought back to life by police who had administered the pup CPR.

The dog is now recovering in a shelter.

Watch the stressful footage below.