Family Dog Gets Scared Watching “The Conjuring 2” After Trying To Be Brave For Its Owner

First of all, I’m just going to ignore the fact that this dude is watching a film that’s currently in theaters in his home. Sure, pirating movies is illegal, but we all do it. Really, I do shit that’s way more illegal. If I’m going down for anything, I hope it’s my affinity for illegally downloading movies and TV shows.

Listen, I have nothing but respect for this pup’s determination to stand tall for its owner. We’ve all been there. You take a cutie-patootie to the movies, choose a horror movie in hopes that she gets afraid and holds your hand and end up getting so terrified by what you’re seeing onscreen that you jam your hand into her lap in search of her hand and instead pretty much come across as trying to get your hands in her pants as unceremoniously as possible. “No, I wasn’t trying to punch my way through your pant’s zipper, I was just trying to grab your hand since I got scared by the movie.” If anything, this further proves to me that dogs are really man’s best friend. This dog easily could have just gone into any other room in the house. But instead, he sat next to his master and braved it out before getting v scared. Horrible guard dog but a very loyal…friend dog. And, honestly, that’s way more important to me. I can just buy a couple of baseball bats to protect my home from an invader. I can’t buy friends as loyal as that. You have to earn that.

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