So Apparently Trump’s Campaign Advisor Jason Miller Used To Party Pretty Hard In College And I’m Sure He Approves

A year and one month since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President and it’s officially his world that we’re all just living in. You can’t turn on any form of media without his name appearing somewhere on it in some capacity. Literally. Try it for a week. No matter where you get your news or where you check your social media, Trump will be there, front and center in some capacity.

Today’s Trump news comes in the form of his advisor for campaign communications, Jason Miller. Namely that, when Miller was in college at George Washington University, the Washington Post ran a story about his fraternity because the parties they threw were so rowdy.

The piece ran back in 1996 after the Princeton Review rated GW as the #2 party school in the country. Attempting to prove it, the Post set out that night to find some people to party with. Shockingly, they found that there literally no parties going. Well, none except one.

Via Washington Post:

“Three fraternity brothers come pounding down the steps. A party, the party, says GW senior Jason Miller, will be here, in three hours. That will be 1:45 a.m.

“We had 950 people here a couple weeks ago,” he says. His plan is to hit the off-campus bars and then bring everyone back to SAE.

University officials are quick to point out that SAE is a banned fraternity, with no official relationship to the school. Permanently, completely, “very banned,” since July 1994. Of the 17 Greek houses for GW students, it is the only one to be banned — due to “thuggish behavior,” says Jan Sherrill, George Washington’s assistant dean of students.

“We have no ability to control this group,” he says. “We’ve done everything we can to warn our students.””

So we’re talking full on ban from campus? That stings. Good thing Miller and his boys refused to let a little thing like rule stop them from partying.

“”I’m guaranteeing there will be a party here tonight,” says Miller.”


“It is 2 a.m., and the SAE fraternity’s front room is filled with 50 bright young men and women with too much time and energy. “Now all we need are some chicks and dope,” says one fresh-faced boy to his friend.

The room is furnished with couches that even the Salvation Army wouldn’t take and cases of Busch beer. The frat brothers show off for the girls and the cameras, ripping off shirts and chugging beers. Bear, part German shepherd and part mutt, barks happily.

Jason Miller surveys the crowd like a proud father. “It’s my senior year so I’m going to party,” he says. Miller says he’s got a 3.0 average, a major in political science and a job as a staff assistant in Sen. Slade Gorton’s (R-Wash.) office on Capitol Hill. He will become a lawyer and probably a politician some day. Life is good.

It is 2:30 a.m. Sensible people are in bed.

“Do these look like sensible people?” says Andy Chinn. Well, no.

“Exactly my point,” he says.”

Honestly, if I were these reporters 20 years ago, I think I would have just assumed that this Miller kid would end up doing something wrong and ending his career early. Now he’s an advisor to a presidential hopeful. It just goes to show you that, no matter what adults tell you, you can party as hard as you want, brain cells be damned. Honestly, though, you can’t be successful in life if you can’t hold a conversation when you’re a little drunk. No one likes those two beer dweebs.