Donald Trump Slams Clinton With Ad Featuring Vladimir Putin, ISIS And Hillary Barking Like A Dog

Last month, Hillary Clinton barked like a dog during a primary speech in Reno, Nevada.

Some people said they couldn’t notice the difference between the barking and Hillary’s normal voice. The barking clip spawned Internet memes such as these.

Even Donald Trump and his supporters had some chuckles at the expense of Hillary’s woofing.

After Trump won primaries in Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina on Tuesday, the front-running GOP candidate may be starting to focus his energies on the expected Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. On Wednesday, Trump shared this entertaining video on his Instagram with the caption, “Is this what we want for a President?”

It starts with the text, “When it comes to facing our toughest opponents.” Then the video shows Russian President Vladimir Putin kicking ass with a judo take-down, then a masked ISIS member pointing a gun at the camera, followed by the text, “The Democrats have the perfect answer…” Then Hillary barks like a dog. The video ends with the caption, “We don’t need to be a punchline!”

He knows what the common folk want, Putin being an alpha male, scary ISIS clips and hilarious memes. Donald J. Trump is just killing it with social media. Is he turning politics into a circus sideshow/car crash spectacle? Sure, but was politics this great institution of integrity to begin with? He’s making it entertaining by using everything he’s ever learned from reality television and everybody is watching every single move he makes.

I can not wait until the Trump Vs. Hillary showdown.