People Think This Joke Banned From Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast May Indicate Why He Won’t Release Tax Returns

Donald Trump is a few votes away from moving into the Oval Office and knowing our nation’s nuclear launch codes, but he still has a few hurdles to jump over before Election Day in November. One of the mounting pressures Donald’s been facing over the past year has been a call for him to release his tax returns with people arguing that if Donald has nothing to hide he should release them.

For his part, Donald Trump says he’s being audited at the moment and won’t release his tax returns after the audit’s wrapped up. As a response to that, billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett blew up Trump’s excuse announced that he’s also being audited but would meet Donald Trump ‘any time, any place, before the election‘ and the two could share their tax returns together in front of an audience who could then ask questions of the two. As noted on CNN, this challenge has nothing to do with Trump’s taxes but it’s more a push to see what information Trump is willing to actually share about himself with we the voters who might elect him in November.

Now, you didn’t click this article to read about Warren Buffett. You clicked to see what jokes banned from Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast might indicate about his tax returns. Well, according to a Comedy Central Roast writer who wrote jokes for Trump’s event there was a list of topics that were allowed and only ONE topic that wasn’t:

ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s hair
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s wife Melania (and his two previous marriages)
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump having sex with models
ALLOWED: Jokes about the failure of Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Cologne, and other Trump products
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s failed casinos
ALLOWED: Jokes about how Trump only became successful thanks to his wealthy father
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump’s weight
ALLOWED: Jokes about Trump being attracted to his daughter Ivanka
NOT ALLOWED: Any joke that suggests Trump is not actually as wealthy as he claims to be.

At no point were the roasters allowed to imply that Trump isn’t as wealthy as he says he is, because if you’re Trump and you tell the world you’re a billionaire but it turns out you are only worth a few hundred million then that’s a VERY bad look because you’re basically living on this persona of being a billionaire and that’s entirely a lie.

As noted on Someecards these jokes were strictly forbidden:

Jeselnik, one of Trump’s Roasters, told the late, great Joan Rivers in 2013, “Donald Trump’s rule was, don’t say I have less money than I say I do. Make fun of my kids, do whatever you want, just don’t say I don’t have that much money.”

People are beginning to think that Trump forbidding these jokes is the key to understanding why the billionaire won’t release his tax returns:

There is another theory, though, one that people have suspected for quite some time:

Me, I don’t particularly care to see Trump’s tax returns but I do find it suspicious that he’s willing to withhold that information from people he’s asking to elect him as President. If you’re going to be the man in charge of America you need to lay it out all out there before you get into the Oval Office, so I’d at least like for another explanation than the audit because as we learned above with the Warren Buffett challenge that audit excuse is bullshit….

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As for the roast itself I’d just like to remind everyone that’s when Donald J. Trump FIRST announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. I was actually at that roast here in NYC, in the audience with some reps from AXE, and the roast ended with Donald announcing he’d be running for President and then he was carried out on a palanquin by servants as fake ‘Trump’ dollar bills rained down from the sky. He then took his candidacy back a week or so later, but that’s where it all began….

For more on this tax return/billionaire conspiracy theory you can just follow the link and head on over to Someecards!

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