Someone Made A Donald Trump Troll That Looks Just Like Our 45th President And You Can Buy It!

by 2 years ago

trump troll doll

This Donald Trump Troll doll is going to be 2018’s must-own desk knick-knack. Created by Chuck Williams, this doll is made from vinyl and resin and it stands 4.75 inches tall.

I must say, the facial resemblance is uncanny but the Donald Trump troll isn’t like the troll dolls kids had in the 1990s, because this bad boy has it’s own iPhone and it also has GENITALIA, BABY! Or should I say it has BABY GENITALIA!????

trump troll doll

Chuck Johnson didn’t stop at giving Trump baby hands and a baby dick either. He made sure to give him back fat and make his ass extra wrinkled. Got to tip my cap to his attention to detail.

trump troll doll

You can pre-order your Donald Trump troll doll on Kickstarter.

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