If You’re On The Fence About It, This Video Gives A Good Reason To Not Get Your Mom Squat For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. Don’t worry, you’re not a terrible kid for forgetting, because it’s kind of early this year. And also, some moms are just not worth remembering.

If you’re on the fence on spending money on flowers for mom or dropping a couple dimes for a dinner, just remember that the original intent behind the day had nothing to do with flowers, gifts or any type of displays of affection available at the mall.

Adam Ruins Everything reminds us all in this quick video that Anna Jarvis, the woman who created Mother’s Day to honor her late mother, was vehemently against what the holiday turned into. It was actually the OPPOSITE of what she envisioned the day to be. But just like always, greedy American corporations figured out a way to make us all feel like assholes if we don’t spend the day with mom.

Thanks, Hallmark!

[via Awesomer]