The New ‘Doom’ Multiplayer Mode Is Screaming Gruesome Mayhem In This New Trailer

‘Doom’ going multiplayer is sheer bloody madness. It’s as if the very architects of hell’s battlefield and demon prisons shat out the design for this multiplayer add-on. I haven’t seen a game trailer on par with this kind of gory savagery since ‘Postal 2‘, which centered on drop-kicking grenades at and/or slashing unsuspecting civilians with a fucking scythe if they refused to participate in your character’s life story. ‘Doom’ already has a reputation for being on politicians’ and parents’ fuck-you-list for being so profoundly violent that it allegedly causes real life violence. I’ll be curious to see how those kinds of groups react to this multiplayer trailer–genuine teeth-grinding, eyes popping-out-heads rage, for sure on the horizon.

The multiplayer add-on looks sick though. This is undeniable. The demon mode we catch a glimpse of is epic in every sense of the word. It looks like some sort of temporary god-mode any player’s rewarded after slaying enough rival space marines. If you want to try your hand at brandishing a hellstick as you skate through the flaming pits of a chaotically satanic battleground in the ‘Doom’ multiplayer beta, Bethesda reports it’ll run from March 31 to April 3. The catch here being that you’re only eligible if you pre-ordered a copy of ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order.’

The full game is set to ship for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13.