We Found Your Dream Job: This Airline Is Looking To Hire People To Jet Set The World And Record It On Snapchat



If you’re thinking about changing careers, on the hunt for a new job, or looking for a Summer job between semesters than I’m like 99.99% certain that I’ve found your new ‘dream job’. WOW Air is a budget airline from Iceland that flies to 28 global destinations, and they’re looking to hire 4 people (age 18 or older) to fly around the world this Summer and use Snapchat.

That’s it, they want fun millennials who are good at Snapchat and they want to pay them to jet set the globe and make their airline look fun as fuck. After reading over the job description below I’m just scratching my head in bewilderment, wondering where in the shit Summer jobs like this were back when I was in college. I was paying out the ass to travel on my own and now major corporations are paying out the ass to send people traveling.

WOW Air has set up a landing page/website for their SnapTraveler campaign where anyone and everyone (over the age of 18) is welcome to apply. Here’s what the acutal job description looks like over there:

Each SnapTraveler will go on 4 trips, lasting 3-8 days each. Flights, hotels, activities and a travel allowance all paid for by WOW air. So you travel for FREE! Also, you will gain massive social media exposure and some priceless memories.

Create a Snapchat story in English, keep it under 2 minutes, save it to your phone and upload through our application page. Just snap, save and upload, it’s that simple! Your Snapchat story is your application.

Someone creative, ambitious and fun with a passion for travel, good Snapchat storytelling abilities and of course, the WOW factor.

As noted over on Travel + Leisure, the deadline to apply to be one of the four SnapTravelers is May 8th, so if you’re serious about getting paid this Summer to travel the globe and blast out your story on SnapChat you need to get that application together quickly.

Here’s a link to the WOW Air SnapTraveler APPLICATION PAGE if you’re actually interested in getting paid to travel this Summer.

(h/t BusinessInsider via Travel + Leisure)