Brawl Breaks Out In Prison After Drone Drops Drugs In The Yard


A drone attempting to discretely drop drugs into a prison yard did exactly the opposite of that, when the delivery occurred right as a prison brawl was going down.

The drone was carrying a lot of drugs, too. A bunch of cigarettes, 2.5 ounces of pot, and well over a hundred hits of heroin, enough to at least make the next few days in prison not so bad.

But now no one gets the drugs, because guards confiscated it all. Via the Columbus Dispatch:

A report by prison officials said a fight broke out between prisoners in the north recreation yard of the prison, about 60 miles northeast of Columbus, about the time the drone was determined to have dropped the drug package.

A sweep of the area found the package hidden in the equipment room of the south recreation yard. Officers also searched roofs and other areas for any other packages, but found nothing.

Corrections officers used pepper spray to douse the fighting and about 200 prisoners from both the north and south recreation yards were carefully searched before being returned to their cells.

So maybe the brawl was a diversion? If it was, it didn’t work all that well, as it had the opposite effect of concealing the drop.

Better luck next time.