Drunk Chick With .25 BAC Told Cops She Was ‘Looking For New Jersey’ After Being Pulled Over…While In New Jersey

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We’ve all been there: you took four too many shots while out with friends and, upon realizing “Oh shit I’ve been separated from my group and don’t know how to get home,” decide that it’s time to go home. Except when it happens to sensible people like you and I, we call a cab or decide to put ourselves through the blazing hell that is public transportation. Karol Andino, on the other hand, decided that driving home to New Jersey was the best call.

However, riving drunk is never the best call.

And while the 31-year-old was at least coherent enough to remember the state she lived in, with a .25 BAC she was obviously in no state to be driving. According to Daily Mail,

Karol Andino, 31, was trying to find the Garden State at around 2.30am on Saturday when she stopped her car near the Holland Tunnel entrance in Jersey City and got out of her vehicle.

Port Authority police said that when officers approached Andino she seemed confused.
Even after they told her where she was, she refused to believe that she was really in New Jersey.

As she spoke, officers noticed that Andino, from North Bergen, New Jersey, looked unsteady on her feet and had red and watery eyes, they said.

Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo said her odd behavior alerted officers that she may be intoxicated. She then admitted that ‘she’d had a few drinks’.

A breathalyzer test revealed that Andino’s blood alcohol level was .25 percent.

Here’s a hint Karol: you’ll know you’ve hit the New Jersey side of things when you see giant smokestacks and other generally ugly machinery spread across the skyline upon leaving NYC. Oh and gas is a lot cheaper – but yeah everything is generally 10x more ugly.

Andino was subsequently charged with a DWI and careless driving.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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