Drunk Florida Bikini Mom Spits Obscene Racist Rant At Black Neighbors, Screams ‘Martin Luther King Was A Slut’

You’d think people would have realized by now that if they’re doing something dumb, vile or embarrassing in public, chances are that there’s someone recording them with a camera phone nearby. Granted, you gotta be doing something real awful if the video is going to end up going viral – kind of like what this Florida mom did. Screaming at off-screen bystanders that they “should have stayed in Africa” and that “Martin Luther King was a slut” is not only viral LiveLeak gold, but add into the equation that:

  • She’s from Florida
  • She’s white trash
  • She’s wearing a bikini…in a driveway?
  • She’s clearly drunk

And WHOOP there it is, the type of video that ruins lives and forces you to relocate to a different state. Luckily for this lady, Florida is a hot mess where this kind of bullshit happens at least…once a week? Twice? I’m severely underestimating here but I’m trying to be nice; I wouldn’t like it if you called Maryland the crab-sucking taint of the east coast, but at the same time we’ve got Baltimore – if you can think of anything negative to say, it probably holds true. I mean really, have you seen The Wire?

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