Drunk Kid Who Probably Can’t Even Spell His Own Name Has Entire Night Captured On Snapchat By Friends

This kid is dead inside

I have a love/hate relationship with Snapchat. On the one hand, it is great to be able to record and capture moments in your life that you can both immediately share with all of your friends but also that disappear within 24 hours. On the other, more destructive hand, it also allows other people to post pictures and videos of your drunken ass doing overtly dumb shit without you realizing it until the next morning. An easy contender for the top 3 most destructive moments of my young life was when one of my neighbors Snapchatted me putting a snow shovel through the wall of my school-owned townhouse. You know who really didn’t appreciate that one? My RA who was friends with her.

Which is why I feel for this kid. Obviously he drank too much and was just trying to party. Yes, he maybe should have drank a little more responsibly but also it probably wouldn’t have been too hard for his buddies to not post 2+ minutes worth of Snapchats of the walking around like a zombie full of booze and slowly forming kidney stones.

Via TFM:

There’s a 50% chance that kid slipped into a coma that night and just woke up from it. Hell, he could have been in a coma during these pictures and his body never got the message. How about his inability to use a vending machine? That’s when you know you’re too far gone. Vending machines were literally built to be idiot-proof. If you’re old enough to walk, you’re old enough to use a vending machine. Which I guess is the root of this kid’s problem since he actually couldn’t walk when it was vending-machine time. I’m not sure who the blame falls to here: this kid for drinking until his eyes started bleeding or his friends for not sticking him in his room and locking it from the outside. They probably could have even locked it from the inside and he wouldn’t have figured out. If you can’t use a vending machine, there’s a high probability he couldn’t use a simple lock.