The Drunkest Dad Of The Year Is This Dad Who Got Shitfaced At A Bar, Blacked Out And Then Woke Up In France



Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out in your front lawn because the extra 10-foot walk to your front door was just too far away? Have you ever barfed in a potted bush along the side of a public road because you rammed 6 shots in 30 minutes? What about those of us who’ve puked in an empty Natty Lite case because there weren’t any trash cans around and we were trying to be “discrete”?

The answer to all of those is probably a resounding “Yes”…but how many of us have gotten so drunk that we woke up in France the next day?

Answer: 0. Except for Shawn Smith, a 48-year-old Dad from the UK.

Shawn Smith, 48, joined his two mates for a few pints in his local but got roped into joining them on an overnight trip to the continent to buy cheap tobacco.

They planned to stock-up on the cut-price roll-ups which is just a third of the price of British tobacco.

Incredibly, Shawn, who has never left the UK and doesn’t even own a passport, managed to get through unchallenged in Dover, France and Belgium while he snoozed in the back of his friend’s car on December 1.

Via Metro

Unfortunately the return trip wasn’t as easy. Since Shawn didn’t own a passport so he was forced to blow $120 on a brand spankin’ new temporary one, but since that took time he wound up spending another $550 while residing in France waiting for his request to be processed.

Eventually he made it back to the UK on December 10th, nine days after he’d left. While Shawn agrees that Paris is a beautiful city, he reportedly never wants to see it again. What a surprise, you don’t want to ever revisit the city you spent 10 days broke and hung over in? Who would’ve thunk it.

[H/T Metro, header image via Shutterstock]

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