Dude Films The RIDICULOUS Reactions People Have When He Drives A Ferrari Around

A few weeks ago I posted a video of a Bro in a Ferrari getting sweet revenge on an annoying basic chick who complained that his car was too loud. The guy in the driver’s seat is YouTube’s Leviathan. To show how casual bystanders act like complete jackasses when around a supercar, he released a new video of the reactions he got while cruising around in a Ferrari. The one dude even pulls the “your car could feed a village in Africa” card.

I got a chance to drive a Ferrari on Friday afternoon on a course. And a Lambo, cause my life sucks. I’ve never driven a super car before, so I’m happy to report it was everything and more — the G-forces when you go screaming into a turn, the biggest adrenaline rush ever when you push the pedal to the floor. It was the best afternoon ever.

BUT, I don’t think I could ever own an exotic Italian supercar like that simply for the sheer attention it brings you. When all I’m trying to do is get to the grocery store before it closes to buy some Bagel Bites, the last thing I need is someone lecturing me about poor African villages or drooling over my car.

All I’m saying here is that having a Ferrari is a blessing and a curse. Like — it’s doesn’t even have doors that open liked “this.”