Dude Gambling On Slots Has To Take A Dump So He Drops Trou And Poops Right Freaking There

guy poops slot machine arcade

YouTube - Daily Picks

Sometimes the urge to take a poop is just too much to overcome I guess.

Watch as this guy, caught on close circuit television, is just playing away on a slot machine when nature calls. Rather than, you know, use the rest room, he just grabs a corner of the room, pulls his pants down and takes a shit.

But wait, he’s not through. After he gets up and continues gambling (yes, he continued gambling) he must have felt a dingleberry hanging so he drops his pants one more time to clear the affected area. Then, of course, he once again continues gambling. How? The smell and the concept of being caught are apparently of ZERO concern to this man.

I just can’t even BEGIN to understand what goes through the mind of a person who does this, but here he is in all his completely fucked up glory.

What is with you people?!

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