Woman Wearing A Shirt With ‘Dropping A Load’ On It Pooped In A Box At Kmart

woman pooped box kmart


Workers at a Kmart in Wisconsin got quite a surprise when they discovered a cardboard box leaking urine and full of poop behind one of their cash registers.

That’s because Melissa Jacobson, 49, who workers say is a regular at the store, was returning an item when she allegedly decided to just drop trou and take a shit in a box.

The best part? She was reportedly wearing a shirt with a picture of a dump truck on it and the phrase “Dropping A Load.”

A review of store security footage revealed that Jacobson entered the business Monday morning and approached the customer service desk, where she sought to return merchandise.

As detailed in the complaint, Jacobson is seen walking to Aisle #1, where she “loosened her pants and squatted down” near the cash register. After a minute, Jacobson “is seen reaching for paper towels beneath the counter. When Jacobson was finished, she is seen approaching the customer service desk again.”

The complaint does not indicate why Jacobson decided to defecate in the box (especially since the store bathrooms were 50 feet away). A Kmart worker told cops that Jacobson was a regular customer, “so she should know where the public restrooms are located.”

After returning to the Kmart customer service desk, Jacobson completed her return and exited the retailer.

A worker was alerted to Ms. Jacobson’s disgusting act by a “funky” odor emanating from a box full of store security tags behind the cash register.

Jacobson was charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of resisting or obstructing an officer. She was released after posting a $500 bond.

People sure are doing a lot of pooping where they aren’t supposed to these days. This is the third story we’ve had of this occurrence this week alone. What do you think that’s a sign of? Are we not eating right as a society? Is it a diet thing?

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