Dude Getting Knocked Out THREE Times In A Row Is The Very Definition Of Stick-To-Itiveness

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If you had half the heart as this gentleman then you would be achieving all of your goals you set out no matter the intimidating obstacles that stood in your way. However, if you had all of the blind pride that this fella is teeming with then that would probably be Kanye West. So while his heart and overflowing confidence tell him he can achieve anything, his body is like, “Man, what the fuck are we doing? We’re about to get majorly fucked up.”

This dude got into a street fight and refused to let a little thing like getting knocked out tempt him from leaving the brouhaha. In fact, he didn’t allow getting KO’d three times in a row from slowing him down. The peanut gallery of ladies shouting derogatory things at him probably fueled his machismo to continue to fight despite being clearly out of his league. This man is coming back from the dead like he was Jason Voorhees, Jon Snow or Kenny from South Park.

The part that I don’t get is, this gentleman is not a professional boxer who is making money off of this bout and his career is defined by his fight. He’s just some regular dude who can walk away with his busted cranium and wrecked ego at any moment. Sure you’ll be ridiculed by your neighbors and friends for the next 10 years, but at least you won’t have permanent brain damage.

What I also learned is that Friday is such a classic movie. People are still quoting Smokey’s infamous line of “You got knocked the fuck out, man!” even though it came out 11 years ago. And it’s still relevant.

The moral of the story is have confidence in yourself, but know your limits.


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