My Face Still Stings After Watching This Poor Dude Getting Savagely KO’d During Slap-Off

by 2 years ago

Stand there, don’t flinch and allow a stranger to put all of his weight and strength into hitting you. Um. How bout no? Welcome to the world of slap-off contests and one of the biggest is the Ink Masters Slap-Off Contest in Odessa, Texas. Tatted up dudes, women and children gather round to see grown men take turns slapping each other like nobody’s business. This year saw a brutal knockout and a painful stalemate.

The first match featured a ridiculous one-slap knockout causing the competitor to fall to the floor (And that’s why you always slap first). Do you realize how much force you have to generate to knock a grown man out using only the soft palm of your hand? A lot.

The man wearing the beanie hat moves on to the championship round against a more formidable opponent. The combatants trade pulverizing slaps, and the dude in the beanie hat seems to cheat often by flinching and moving his face to avoid the meat of the smack. The beanie man gets in one last slap before the competition was called.

As tremendous as this year’s slap-off was, last year’s contest featured this epic and extremely loud slap KO.

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