Suspected Library ‘Foot Sniffer’ Leads Police On High Speed Scooter Chase…Why? Florida.

South Florida’s notorious (alleged) ‘foot sniffer’ was apprehended by police in Miami-Dade County after leading them on a high speed motor scooter chase that culminated with the alleged ‘FIU Library Foot Sniffer’ crashing his scooter and getting taken into custody. If, like myself, you follow the Florida International University (FIU) campus news extremely closely then you’d already know about the man accused to sneaking around the library and smelling chick’s feet. That man is allegedly 52-year-old Eddy Juan, who was supposedly photographed sneaking around the FIU library, hiding under tables, and smelling chick’s feet (also, he’s a registered sex offender…Shocking, I know!).

Miami’s Sun Sentinel reports:

Miami-Dade police say 52-year-old Eddy Juan was arrested Tuesday and charged with violation of sexual offender registration, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving, aggravated assault and resisting without violence.
FIU police had previously released a notice warning students that a man was spotted under a table at a campus library Aug. 29, along with a description and photo. Authorities say a man matching that description was spotted Tuesday on a scooter miles from the campus. Officers attempted a traffic stop, but say the man fled, eventually crashed and was arrested.

As mentioned above, Eddy Juan is a registered sex offender, and I just want to say how fucking disgusting I feel right now having to actually look him up on the Florida Sex Offender Registry to corroborate that part of the story, and see his charges:

Did that (alleged) library foot sniffing mother fucker really think that he was going to outrun police on a motor scooter? At what point in history has ANYONE ever successfully outran the police (or any vehicle) while evading on a motor scooter? On top of that the man accused of sniffing feet in the FIU library is a sick fuck registered sex offender.

This is basically how I imagine the police after tossing him in handcuffs after he crashed his motor scooter after he tried to outrun police after he broke his parole and allegedly went to the FIU Library to sniff women’s feet: