Watch This Giant Moray Eel Eat A Shark And Never Go Swimming Again

Nothing says ‘screw Winter’ like watching a video of a giant moray eel attacking and eating a shark on a coral reef. This video was taken last Summer, and it’s a glimpse into the muddled food chain of a coral reef. So often we assume that sharks are the apex predators of the seas, but then we see a video like this where a moray eel eats a shark, or others (see below) where octopus or squid attack sharks, and suddenly the ocean’s pecking order isn’t so obvious anymore.

But as there are windchills outside right now in the teens I want to spend my day blogging AND giving myself the illusion of feeling warm. And in order to do that I’m watching warm water videos, like the one above of the moray eel eating a shark, or the ones below:

Octopus attacks and eats shark

Shark vs. Marlin:

Fish speared by Striped Marlin in Cabo

Shark steals fish from kayak fisherman

After all that I’m still pretty convinced that ‘eel eats shark‘ is the most WTF of the underwater attack videos.