El Chapo Had No Idea Who Sean Penn Was Before Agreeing To Get Interviewed By Him


You’d think for being the world’s biggest drug cartel kingpin, El Chapo would have a little more knowledge about Hollywood elites like Sean Penn, who was in the narco-thriller 21 Grams. Then again, if I learned anything from binge-watching Narcos this summer, I guess kingpins don’t really have time to eat Dominos and watch TV all day. They have drug kingpin shit to do. You know — Getting out of jail. Living in the jungle. Cultivating a warm-and-fuzzy folk hero persona with the locals.

El Chapo had no idea who Sean Penn was in texts with his lawyer, which ultimate led to Mexican authorities tracking him down. Via the NY Post:

While communicating with his lawyer via text message ahead of the October sit-down with Penn, El Chapo made it clear that he’d never heard of the actor who shot to stardom following his role as a stoner in the 1982 teen comedy “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

“He was in the movie ​’​21 Grams,​’​” El Chapo’s lawyer wrote, according to a transcript posted online by the Mexican newspaper “Milenio.”

“​’​21 Grams,​’​ when was that made?” El Chapo asked.

After saying he needed to look up the date, the lawyer answered “​’​21 Grams​’​ was made in 2003…He’s also a political activist…He’s been very critical of the Bush administration.”

The texts — which were intercepted by Mexican authorities and confirmed as authentic by Agence France-Presse — are among nearly 200 obtained by Mileno.

Color me shocked El Chapo missed Penn’s Oscar-winning performance in Milk.

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