What If The Annoying Things About Emails Happened In Real Life? It Would Be As Awful As You’d Expect

This video showing what your annoying and laughable emails would look like if they occurred in real life are a great reminder for all of us to not be such idiots when we send out an email.

That’s because stupid emails are the bane of many of our existences. We’re flooded with so many of them that truly serve zero purpose other than to take precious seconds away from our lives that the amount of time we’ve lost to them is probably staggering.

Now just imagine if those emails weren’t emails, but were acted out, IN REAL LIFE, right in front of you.

Emails in real life could really serve as a new form of interrogation torture though I doubt the Geneva Convention would ever allow it. The “reply all” in real life would prove especially effective. So would ALL CAPS.


The outtakes by Tripp and Tyler are pretty funny too.

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