Chinese Company Gifts Employee of the Year a Night with Adult Film Star

by 5 years ago

From Asia One:

The company in Shanghai invited the actress to appear as the special guest at the dinner, which attracted a lot of her fans to take photographs with her, it reported.

It caused a stir among the employees when an announcement was made that the best employee of the year would spend a night with the actress.

When the news broke, some netizens slammed the company for such a reward and questioned the company's stand on morality.


Who are these “netizens” slamming the company? Also, how uses the word “netizen?” Do they “surf the World Wide Web” and only speak about the Internet like they're from 1996?

Anyway. Much has been made about the loss of the “gold watch;” or, how the decline of American industralization and stable 30-year jobs has led to fewer American retirement traditions that reward employees' lifetimecommitment to one company. In China, they give their employees Japanese porn stars. 

This is why China controls the world economy.

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