Erin Andrews’ Peephole Stalker Lives In His Dad’s Basement And ‘Can’t Afford $100’–Owes $28 Million

Michael David Barrett spend 2 and a half years in prison for spearheading the peephole video seen round the world. A Nashville jury has now slapped the 54-year-old stalker with a $28 million tab for the video that was viewed over 17 million times.

This presents a $28 million problem for Barrett.

After being released from prison in 2012, Barrett filed for bankruptcy, listing $3,000 in assets, including clothing, golf clubs and a 1995 Toyota Avalon, records show. He was $159,891 in debt, according to the New York Post.

Barrett, who works as a truck driver at a meat packing plant in Portland, also lives in his father’s basement in Portland Oregon.

Michael David Barrett’s father, Francis, told the New York Post that “He can’t afford $100, let alone $28 million. If he could, he wouldn’t be living in my basement.”

Francis went on to say that his son is well aware he “screwed up his life” and acknowledges “it’s an awful thing, and he knows it.”

Now before we call this dude a gargantuan scumbag and point and laugh at his insurmountable debt, it’s important to recognize that we had a role in this as well. We watched the peephole video, probably even sent it in to our respective friend group chats, and were generally appreciative that the video existed. While I don’t think we should feel guilty for giving the video a quick, cursory glance, we gave this slimeball an audience and enhanced the scope of the incident.

It’s kind of wearing a fresh pair of Jordan’s–ya the finished product is fresh as fuck and you want to show all your friends, but when you consider that factory workers in Indonesia worked for 127 straight hours to stitch them, the hero quickly becomes the villain. Do you wish you never bought the Jordan’s? Hell no, those things are walking panty droppers, but will you make it known that you don’t jive with inhumane factory conditions? It’s more likely.

A more practical verdict would have been the jury encouraging anyone who watched the video to donate $1 to Barrett’s GoFundMe based on the number of times they watched it. It takes a village to raise a scumbag. Put me down for $172.

[h/t New York Post]

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