This Sums Up Every Inspirational Video Ever — Make Sure To Show This To Anyone Sharing Inspirational Garbage

Assuming you have a pulse and are a human being, your social media feed is likely flooded with inspirational videos imploring you to ‘like this’ or ‘share that’, and how getting the word out can truly make a difference. Everyone of those damn videos uses the same language, the same cadence, the same scenery, and the same dirty tactics to get you to tell everyone in the world how sharing this sappy video is going to lead to change. Well someone finally made a video calling out all those videos for being the same, and now I’m sharing it with you.

And because I’m no different than the other mindless drones of the web clamoring for traffic, I’M DEMANDING THAT YOU SHARE THIS SHIZNIT RIGHT NOW. Share this video showing how all inspirational videos are the shame. Like this video showing how ever inspirational video on the web is just made up b.s. designed to get your clicks. SHARE IT NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!