Every Nuclear Bomb Video Ever Shows The Straight Up Dick Ton Of Nukes We’ve Dropped On This Planet

Quick: What’s 1,127 nuclear bombs plus 120 nuclear bombs plus 45 nuclear bombs plus six nuclear bombs plus two nuclear bombs plus seven nuclear bombs plus 48 nuclear bombs plus 976 nuclear bombs?

If you said an absolute dick ton of nuclear bombs, you’d be right. Almost 2,500 nuclear bombs.

As we learn more and more about how Earth is a fragile ecosystem, and that small actions in one part can have drastic effects in another, I think we are going to look at this time period wherein we dropped nuclear bombs over pretty much the entire face of the Earth as the time we irrevocably fucked up the planet.

I have to imagine this is worse than driving a car. Good work, our collective governments.

Also, as is always with videos like this (there’s a new one every nine months), the appropriate move is to mute the sound on the video and listen to it while Hells Bells is playing. Now that’s how you watch some nuclear bombs go down.

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