‘Extreme Hammock Spinning’ Is A Physics Experiment Guaranteed To Have You Blowing Chunks

So you’re with your crew in the backyard crushing some 40’s, hanging out but nothing exciting’s going on. Then you spot your stationary hammock and think to yourself: I bet we could get Ronnie to throw up, and learn a valuable lesson about centripetal force.

You turn that 40 upside down, chugging every last bit of sweet malt liquor, and get Ronnie to jump on top of the hammock. Then you and your boy start spinning that hammock as hard as possible, and I’ll be damned…Ronnie’s staying planted right there on that hammock.

You’re trying to teach your boys all about centripetal versus centrifugal force, but everyone’s just cackling their asses off, and your boy filming the video has the volume set so loud that when you play it back later on a computer it nearly blows out the speakers…well, that’s where we’re at in this video, almost.

DO turn your speakers down before watching this. DO NOT try this at home (but if you do, film it and send it to me).

Extreme Hammock Spinning


I’d be throwing up for sure, props to this guy for at least walking it off…sort of…


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