Man Drops A Flurry Of F-Bombs As Rare Tornado Touches Down In Los Angeles

California was slammed with a monster storm that dumped massive amounts of rainfall and powerful gusts of wind over the usually sunny state. The storm system dubbed “Pineapple Express,” even dropped a tornado in L.A. Thankfully it was only a slight EF0 tornado, the smallest type of tornado with winds reaching 65 to 85 mph. This was the first tornado to hit Los Angeles in a decade.

Around 9:20 a.m. on Friday the twister touched down in South Los Angeles, about 5 miles from downtown, and inflicted minor damages including trees being knocked down and windows blown out. However if you ask Jamie Mena, the potty-mouthed narrator of this video, his professional opinion on the severity of the tornado he would say it was a massive and destructive F5 tornado with world-ending 261 mph winds. At least that was his over-the-top reaction in this video.

“Look what that shit did to our neighborhood,” Mena says on the video. If the Weather Channel was smart they would immediately hire Mena as a reporter, that would get me watching.

The curses are bleeped out in this footage of the tornado, and it sounds more like Morse code than a person talking.

“I’ve seen the movie Twister. It was crazy. I’ve never seen nothing like that,” Mena told ABC 7.

Los Angeles residents, I’m very sorry that you had to have this ugly encounter with what the rest of the country calls “weather.”