FAIL: Guy Thinks He Can Hurdle Railing, Is Dead Wrong, Falls Flat On His Face

The beauty of live TV, anything can happen. For example, take this guy eating the pavement to show how fantastic live television can be.

During a live TV news report this dude thought it would be a great time to showcase his amazing athletic abilities. One problem, he doesn’t have ANY athletic abilities. He severely overestimates his leaping capabilities, crashes into the railing and goes head-first into the rock-hard ground.

Like it wouldn’t be as funny if his body completely cleared the railing, but at the last millisecond, the tip of his shoe got caught at the very top of the railing. But that wasn’t the case at all. He jumped way too early and his leap put him half way up the railing.

What crazy part of his brain gave him the confidence to actually believe that he had the athletic ability to jump over that 3-foot railing?

You do have to respect that he was a real trooper, got right up and fixed the partition even with gravel grinding in between his mangled teeth and his femur probably poking through his skin.