Inmates Make Realistic-Looking Fake Gun Out Of Soap And Toilet Paper In Failed Prison Escape

The one thing people always warn others about going to prison is to never drop the soap because they could get blasted, but this prison soap really looks like it could fire off a discharge if dropped. This amazingly realistic-looking fake gun was an integral cog in a prison escape plan that went awry.

Two inmates planned to escape the Lafourche Parish Detention Center in Thibodaux, Louisiana using the faux firearm. Troy Benner and Treiston Pierron found a handcuff key, which had been unknowingly dropped by an officer. Benner fashioned the fake gun out of soap and toilet paper (I really don’t want to know how they got it such a dark color). After receiving a tip, the guards search a cell block and discovered the contraband.

Pierron was in jail over a simple arson charge from July 2015, but now faces a new allegation of assisting escape. Benner was in prison on an armed robbery charge from an alleged incident in February 2015. Benner’s bond has been increased to $400,000 and Pierron’s bond increased to $300,000. All over a shitpaper gun. That stinks for these asswipes.

Maybe if Benner ever gets out of jail, he can have a promising career in soap carving.


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