TRUE HERO: Father Throws Himself On A Suicide Bomber During A Terrorist Attack, Saving ‘Hundreds’ Of Lives

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The day before the terrorist attacks in central Paris, two ISIS attacks in Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut killed 45. In a swift moment of bravery and selflessness, one father tackled a suicide bomber, causing him to detonate away from his target and saving “hundreds” of innocent lives. His name is Adel Termos, a 32-year-old father of two, and he is currently being memorialized in Lebanon and around the world for his heroism during the attack. Via the Washington Post:

Adel Termos was walking in an open-air market with his daughter, according to reports, when the first suicide bomber detonated his explosives. Amid the instant chaos, Termos spotted the second bomber preparing to blow himself up, and made the quick decision to tackle him to the ground. The bomb went off, killing Termos, but saving countless others, including his daughter’s.

“There are many, many families, hundreds probably, who owe their completeness to his sacrifice,” Elie Fares, a blogger and physician in Beirut, told Public Radio International in an interview last week.

“In a way, Adel Termos broke human nature of self-preservation. His heroism transcended his own life to save others,” Fares told The Washington Post in an e-mail Monday. “To make that kind of decision in a split second, to decide that you’d rather save hundreds than to go back home to your family, to decide that the collective lives of those around you are more important than your own is something that I think no one will ever understand.”

True heroes don’t wear capes. Heroes are people like Adel Termos — car mechanic and someone his daughters called “dad” — who simply takes action when it is needed.

RIP to a true hero that will not be forgotten after the events of this horrendous week.


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