Father And Son Have Powerful Bonding Moment As They Fight Some Dude With A Bat At A Liquor Store

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Some dads take their sons fishing to build a strong bond. Some dads coach their son’s Little League team to be a part of their kid’s life. Then there’s dads like this that encourage a healthy relationship with their son by fighting someone outside of a liquor store and having their son smash the dude with a metal baseball bat.

This son sees his dad isn’t fairing too well in the fight so he grabs a baseball bat and takes a mighty swing that would make Kris Bryant proud. The dad is on-deck and the son hands him the bat. The dad then shows his son how it’s done and swats at the man.

Pay attention parents and see how the father of the year candidate took this conflict and turned it into a great teaching moment.

Hopefully, the parenting didn’t stop with the baseball lesson. If I know this father like I think I do, he also brought his son into the liquor store and taught his son to never buy the vodka in plastic bottles.

Heartwarming to say the least.

Always remember, the family that smashes the brains out of people with bats together, stay together.

I’m just jealous that this kid actually has a relationship with his father. Dad if you’re out there somewhere, know that I’m willing to grab a bat and mercilessly bludgeon some stranger that you’re fighting just so we can be together again. Miss you pops.