Chick Absolutely Melts Down After Missing Ferry And The Video Is Hard To Watch

Ferry Freakout

There was this one day, I was in my late 20s, when in the middle of an argument with my parents I lost my fucking mind. I screamed, ranted, punched, cried, I might have kick wild animals and just lost my fucking shit.

I don’t remember any of it. I remember coming out of this haze but don’t remember the few moments of sheer insanity.

This woman is having a similar experience. I bet she doesn’t remember any of this and probably blanked right around the time she walked away from the ticket counter. This is just forty-nine seconds of awkwardness.

My favorite part, if I had to chose parts of this video I found “enjoyable”, is the next person in line turning around when the woman turns, acting like “oh, I wasn’t paying attention to all that I’m just on my phone explaining this entire situation to a friend” and my second favorite part is the dude recording this meltdown and trying not to lose his shit laughing.

I feel your pain, sister.