If You’ve Ever Talked About This Super Kinky Fetish Online, Watch Out: Your Name Is About To Be Public

In 2016, you should realize anything you do is probably one day going to become public: Your Tinder profile; your porn habits; your desire to wrap a live fish in Saran wrap, covering up its gills completely, before you stick your dick in its mouth, so the fish is literally choking to death on your dick; it’s all eventually gonna be blogged about.

So rep your kinks with passion and pride.

Like if you are a fan of anal fisting — the practice of having an entire fist placed inside your anus or placing your entire fist inside someone else’s anus (or I guess placing your own entire fist in your own anus) — you should let everyone know, because everyone is about to know

The website Rosebutt Board just had its data compromised, with over 107,000 usernames and emails stolen. The website breach was exposed by the site Have I Been Pwned.

Rosebutt Board bills itself as the best site for “anal fisting, prolapse, huge insertion and rosebutt fans.”

Rosebutt is, from Urban Dictionary, the “extreme anal gape in which a persons anus is literally turned inside out, usually from extreme anal sex or fisting.”

From Motherboard:

A hacker has obtained over 100,000 user accounts for Rosebuttboard.com, a forum focused around “extreme anal dilation and anal fisting,” according to security researcher Troy Hunt.

“This is a poignant reminder of how very personal information such as sexual proclivities may one day become public knowledge,” Hunt, who maintains the breach notification site ‘Have I Been Pwned?’, told Motherboard in an email.

Like I said. In this day and age, nothing is ever private.

Oh, and if you use Rosebutt Board, change your password.

[Via Metro]