This Guy Fled His Own Car Crash Because He Couldn’t Handle His Girlfriend Bitching Him Out From The Passenger Seat

Here’s a hot piece of information for all the Bros out there who are so terrified of their girlfriend’s wrath that they routinely avoid them at all costs:

Dump ‘em.

What kind of relationship do you really have if you’re afraid of a verbal lashing from your significant other to the point where you’ll literally run away from them? That’s hopefully the question 21-year-old David Scarpa is asking himself since he reportedly fled from him car after ramming it into a utility pole. Why’d he run away, you ask? Because his girlfriend was busting his ass about being a shitty driver and he couldn’t take it.


David Scarpa was having a “verbal argument” with his girlfriend when he put his vehicle in reverse and struck a utility pole at Iris and Clover avenues around 11 p.m., police said.

The caller who reported the hit-and-run accident said he heard people “yelling,” then heard a “bang,” and discovered debris on the ground next to the utility pole, police said.

Scarpa, 21, of the 700 block of Strawberry Avenue, turned himself in to police around 4 p.m. Monday, authorities said. Scarpa said he fled the scene and did not immediately report the accident because he “did not want to deal with his girlfriend yelling at him,” authorities said.

Via Press of Atlantic City

I’m sure there’s a moral here to be learned, but all I’m thinking is “Well if you didn’t want to get bitched out then maybe you shouldn’t have crashed your car like an idiot, hmmmm?”

[H/T Death and Taxes and Press of Atlantic City, header image via Shutterstock]