Golfers Spot Massive Gator Eating An Enormous Largemouth Bass On The Fairway

by 1 year ago
florida alligator

Instagram / DavidMack

Depending on where you live in America you might actually see alligators every day, and this will be a very jarring site. Heck, I live in Southwest Florida and literally see alligators almost every day of my life (usually in the lake in my backyard), and seeing a gator this active is still very strange. When you see alligators in passing they’re typically just sitting on the bank of a pond/lake, soaking up the sun’s rays. It’s rare that you actually see them moving, and even more rare to see them feasting down like this.

This all went down over the weekend when David Mack, an employee of the Miami Dolphins, was cruising along a hole with a lake at Sandhill Crane Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens when he and his father spotted this gigantic alligator eating a very sizable largemouth bass. Thankfully, he had the presence of mind to pull out his camera and film the action to share it with the world on Instagram:

Dad was not impressed with my National Geographic skills 🐊⛳️

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Sneaking up on the beast

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It’s been quite a while since I saw a gator feeding. Those were some lucky golfers to catch an alligator that active…

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